GRCGlass Reinforced Concrete



GRC concrete (also referred to as GFRC fiber-concrete or fiber-concrete) is an architectural composite used for the decorative purpose that contains alkali-resistant fiberglass. GRC is among those advanced materials, that is in extensive usage in the current era. The most leverage of GRC is high durability, resistance to stress and varied weather condition, and also resistant to compression, bending & tension. GRC concrete is lightweight, and it's applied on a specific surface either within the form as finished plates and sprayed. The glass fibers make concrete intensely elastic and can be handled easily and mold GRC concrete is a common solution used in architecture, art, and design and is worth remembering that most manufacturers produce it based on a unique combination, and even apply proprietary production technologies

 Applications Of GRC (Glass Reinforced Concrete)

GRC is broadly used in creative architectural cladding, because of the ability to mold into any complicated shape of GRC. Mostly,  Hand spray technique is used to make cladding panels.

  • Grc Roofing:

Comparing with traditional roofing GRC are not yet heavy and not fragile. We can put in place of traditional roofing materials like slate, clay product or stone as GFRC products. Roofing accessories such as finials, ridges, and chimneys could also be made with GRC

  • GFRC Flooring:

 As permanent formwork under suspended, in-situ concrete floors it can provide excellent appearance within budget. In balcony slab construction, GFRC can provide a pre-finished molded edge with little ease. On ground floor concrete slabs, insulated GFRC edge formwork helps in decelerating heat loss in lower temperatures from the building. On the construction site, forms of glass fiber-modified concrete can be used in floor screening, both in relatively thick concrete screens and in thin self-leveling overlays.

  • GFRC Landscaping:

Landscaping characteristics like Seating, receptacles, planters, bollards, kiosks, signs, statues and fountains area unit being created in GFRC. conjointly used produce rock areas, reproduction buildings, simulated environments for animals, and far additional.

  • GFRC Renovation :

For renovation, GRC materials are excellent to be used. Their properties of GRC such as light-weight, increased toughness & Durability, decreased cracking, improve freeze-thaw resistances, reduce the effects of shrinkage. Also, it's easy to fix and reduces the weight enforced on the actual structure

Advantages Of GFRC

There are various benefits of using GFRC in construction and decoration, which includes,

  • High Strength:  Glass fibers leads to high strength and high polymer content which helps the concrete to be flexible and crack resistant when used in high dosage. It has flexible strength and it can go as high as 4000 psi Weight: It is very light weighted, it can reduce up to 80% weight of a structure which is made of solid concrete.


  • Weight: It is very light weighted, it can reduce up to 80% weight of a structure which is made of solid concrete.


  • Environmental Condition: It is certified to survive in any environment;l condition even if it is exposed to high temperature or freezing temperature and even to nature


  • Fast and Simple Installation


  • Consolidation: No vibration is required for sprayed GFRC. For pouring, GFRC, vibration or rollers are handier to achieve consolidation



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